Our singing brings ease and comfort to those who are on the threshold of life.

We sing for people who are dying or seriously ill and for their loved ones.

This is not intended to be entertainment but gentle song to simply be received.


When invited to sing

Between two and four singers come to the bedside of the person. Their loved ones may also be present.

We sing without musical accompaniment.

Our songs

Our songs are gentle and simple, like a lullaby or a mediation. Most of our songs are written specifically for Threshold singing. They are usually short and sung several times, their repetition creating a deep stillness.

Our singers

Our members are drawn to the choir by a love of singing and the Threshold Choir mission of making kindness audible for those who are ill or at the threshold of life.

Our service

We do not belong to any religious organisation.

Our service is a gift – there is no charge.

Our singing

When invited, we can sing at a person’s bedside. Or we can sing outside the room, with the sound of our voices floating through.

We welcome any direction you give, for example where you would like us to stand, when you would like us to finish, whether you would like us to change the volume.

Our spoken interactions are guided by the people we sing for. Often we just silently enter the room, sing and leave without any words being spoken.


Melbourne Threshold Choir is a chapter of the international network of Threshold Choirs.