SwansThe Melbourne Threshold Choir is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit choir – established in 2013, inspired by the many Threshold Choirs in the USA.

The first Threshold Choir was founded there by Kate Munger in 1999, and has become a greater community of about 100 choirs worldwide, including one in Sydney, Brisbane and our emerging group in Melbourne.

We sing at the bedside of those on the threshold of living and dying – at home, in hospices, hospitals or places of care – offering gentle voices and simple songs.

Visiting in groups of 2-4, our songs span many cultures but without particular religious orientation – the focus being somewhat like a lullaby. Our members feel deeply about offering our songs as gentle blessings, not as entertainment. Some see us as midwives, sounding out the other end of life. We aim to hold people well through their transition with soft, heartfelt voices and meditative song.

This service is a gift, there is no charge.